Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - Outdoor living, barbecues and the promise of spending more time outside with friends and family are some of the many perks of spring and summer.

However, there can be a downside to warm weather that can ruin even the most perfect get-together: biting insects.

Mar Jennings, home and garden expert and best-selling author of “Life on Mar’s: A Four Season Garden” and “Life on Mar’s: Creating Casual Luxury,” has partnered with Dynatrap® to bring you the hottest tips and trends for summer 2014 entertaining.

• It’s Never Too Early to Prepare: Mosquito populations start hatching when temperatures reach 45 degrees, so start early when it comes to ridding your yard of these pests.

• Make it Magical with Outdoor Lighting: The right lighting can help keep bugs away. Try a fire pit; it provides the perfect amount of light and the smoke naturally repels mosquitoes. Another tip is to change your outdoor bulbs from white to yellow. Yellow bulbs are less visible to most bugs.

• With Color, Lighter Is Better: For key outdoor pieces such as seat cushions, lighter is better. Not only will they stay crisp looking longer, mosquitoes are less attracted to light colors. Jennings likes the Pantone color of the year, bold Radiant Orchid, to use as a featured or accent color this summer.

• Beautify Your Yard: Tidying up the yard before a party will not only impress guests, but cutting the grass and draining sources of stagnant water will also decrease the likelihood of bugs. Include plants like marigolds in your garden as they not only beautify your space, but also help repel mosquitoes.

• Match Your Trap to Your Décor: The Dynatrap® line of insect-trapping products is designed to reduce biting insects without the use of chemicals. They’re available in bronze—exclusively at Frontgate—and black. You can pick the finish most suited for your style.

• Consider the Time of Day: Mosquitoes are most active at dusk. During the prime mosquito months, plan outdoor get-togethers early in the day to avoid the most popular times for mosquitoes to be out and about. If you’re entertaining at night, it’s best to combine multiple bug prevention methods to keep your guests comfortable.

• Feed Your Guests Without Making Them the Meal: For party guests and bugs alike, the food table is usually the most popular spot to gather. Instead of serving buffet-style food, impress your guests with bite-sized treats that will be eaten quickly.

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