Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - A coffee break used to mean taking a moment to pause and rejuvenate. In today’s fast-paced, multitasking society, coffee breaks have become a grab-and-go affair. Many say it’s time to bring back the coffee break. Anyone can benefit from a 15-minute time-out to sip slowly, reconnect and reflect on what happiness means.


Here are a few simple tips to bring the coffee break back into your life:

1. Learn a new brewing style—From drip brewing a pot of coffee in the traditional American style, to freshly grinding your own beans and steeping them in a French press, there is a wide range of methods for preparing coffee. Learning new techniques keeps your coffee break ever-changing and exciting.

2. Drink coffee that means something to you—When you pour a cup of Life is good® coffee, you can be confident that you are sipping a brew that not only tastes delicious, but also spreads the power of optimism. All coffee products from Life is good are UTZ Certified, a program promoting sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. Additionally, sales from the coffee line go toward the brand’s annual 10 percent net profit donation to help kids in need.

3. Combine with an energizing snack—Take your coffee break to the next level with a snack like a handful of almonds or a cup of yogurt with fruit and granola. With this energy-boosting combo and a 15-minute revitalizing break, you’ll be ready to take on the rest of the day.

4. Branch out with new roasts and flavors—Wake up your coffee break by mixing things up with a new roast or flavor. Life is good offers a taste for every palate with light, medium and dark roasts, along with unique flavors such as S’more to Love and Banana Bread Bliss.

Life is good spreads the power of optimism and helps kids in need by donating 10 percent of its net profits to The Life is good Kids Foundation. The company which was created with a Positive Purpose has raised more than $11 million for kids in need to date, principally through its products, the annual Life is good Festival, and community fundraising efforts. To learn more, visit Lifeisgood.com.