Chicago, Illinois (NAPSI) - When the weather outside gets frightful, many consumers will be glad to know that there’s a cat-care product that can provide an answer to many winter problems cat litter.

Even those who don’t own a pet may find they can put a bag of cat litter to work in unexpected ways.

Here are some tips.

• Add weight to rear-wheel-drive cars for more stability: For those cars with rear-wheel drive, putting several bags of cat litter in the trunk of your car will add weight and help maneuverability in tricky snow situations.

Litter can be purchased in bulk in large bags ranging from 10 to 30 pounds in weight or more. Select the quantity and size that’s right for the size of your vehicle.

• Create traction for your car in the snow: Keep a bag of cat litter in the trunk of your car so you’re prepared in the event of a slippery situation. If your car is stuck or the wheels are spinning, pour the litter around your wheels to give them the traction they need to get you out of the snow.

To help your tires get a grip, try a conventional non-clumping clay litter, such as Cat’s Pride Premium Fresh & Clean. Plus, as an added bonus, it will help keep your trunk smelling fresh.

• Soak up that winter thaw: Eventually, the ice and snow around your home will begin to thaw. Unfortunately, that first promise of spring can often leave you with small leaks and large puddles of water. The good news is that once again cat litter can be used to handle the problem.

Try sprinkling some Cat’s Pride Premium or Jonny Cat Original conventional non-clumping cat litter to soak up leaks and spills. They offer great absorption because they are made from porous clay. After sprinkling the cat litter to absorb the water, make sure to mop or sweep up immediately to avoid any slipping hazards.

• Freshen up your snow gear: You can keep your winter gear, including boots and socks, smelling fresher and deodorized by placing scented cat litter into a sachet. Keep it with your gear or place it in your boots.

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