Riverside, California (NAPSI) - A heartwarming story of friendship that teaches children about love and acceptance has been created by Paul Harvey, Jr., author, playwright, pianist, composer, award-winning journalist, National Radio Hall of Fame inductee, and the son of legendary radio and television broadcaster Paul Harvey.

His first children's book, "E: A Tale for Everybody," with illustrations by Bryan C. Butler, is a charming and unusual story that introduces Sara, a precocious and curious cicada faced with the anxious reality of so much to learn and do and so little time to do it in (cicadas emerge every 17 years but live for only about 40 days).

Determined to discover meaning in her life and to make the most of the time she has, Sara becomes enamored of a human boy named Sam who soon grows fond of her as well. Friends and family of both, however, seem to disapprove.

Teachers and parents can use the book as a teaching tool to help kids learn about friendships; and how to respect and embrace those who are different from themselves.

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