Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - Crafters and hobbyists are raving about the new ScanNCut machine from Brother International Corporation the world’s first home and hobby cutting machine with the amazing versatility of a 300 DPI built-in scanner.

Watch your scanned images, photos and even hand-drawn sketches come alive as the ScanNCut turns them into unique cutting designs without the need or expense of a computer, software or pricey cartridges.

For Crafters

Appealing to crafters and hobbyists, the Brother ScanNCut is perfect for anyone who has a passion for creating stunning, one-of-a-kind crafts and projects with ease and precision. DIY crafters love that it’s lightweight and say it’s perfect for any household crafting need. Scrapbookers and paper crafters are excited that they are no longer limited to design cartridges. The versatility of cutting virtually any material has multimedia artists bursting at their creative seams as they discover the ScanNCut can be used on almost any project—and sewers and quilters couldn’t be more thrilled with the ease of cutting fabric, drawing sewing guidelines and creating custom quilt blocks, dozens at a time, without wasting costly materials.

Groundbreaking Technology

With groundbreaking technology at their fingertips, crafters and hobbyists now have the ability to scan virtually anything with the ScanNCut 300 DPI built-in scanner and save it to the machine’s memory for future use, or they can save it to their memory stick through the ScanNCut memory stick port. With a scanning area almost 12 inches wide and over 840 built-in designs, including quilt patterns, the possibilities of creating your most far-reaching designs are closer than ever before.

Designs Come Alive Before Your Eyes

The new Brother ScanNCut allows consumers to create designs as unique as themselves. All they have to do is:

• See It—Have a favorite photo? See one in a magazine, online or in your mind? Then pull it out, print it or sketch it.

• Scan It—Scan in those photos, printouts or sketches with the built-in scanner.

• Cut It—Select what you want to cut-paper, fabric, acetate—press a button, then cut it perfectly.

• Create It—Showcase your beautifully cut designs throughout your favorite projects.

Crafters Asked For It

“We call the ScanNCut machine ‘the best thing to happen to cutting since the scissors’ because it is the answer to what so many scrapbookers and crafters have been asking for. Through years of research and listening, we learned crafters want a cutting machine that can keep up with their limitless creativity, without being bound to built-in designs and expensive cartridges or software,” said Dean F. Shulman, Senior Vice President of Brother International Corporation. Shulman added that the ScanNCut machine is a natural progression in the company’s ongoing commitment to empower individual creativity.

The Brother ScanNCut is available in two models—the CM100DM and the CM550DX—and makes the perfect gift for:

• Crafters

• Multi-Media Artists

• Sewers

• Quilters

• Paper Crafters and more....

Both machines include a variety of accessories that crafters and home hobbyists will find indispensable for all their projects. Accessories may vary by model.

To learn more, visit www.scanncut.com.