Stockton, California (NAPSI) - Red wine may be an obvious choice for the winter months, but a rich, full-bodied Chardonnay is a luxurious alternative. Many of us not to mention our dinner guests prefer white wine, even when the temperature drops and the wool scarves come out.

This season, in the midst of the red wine aisle, we’re doing an about-face to find the perfect winter white.

As America’s most popular white wine, Chardonnay is a natural fit for holiday feasts and winter menus. For a classic selection, look no further than the vineyards of NapaValley, one of the world’s most prestigious Chardonnay regions. Tucked away, off the beaten path from mainstream Napa, William Hill Estate Winery crafts an elegant, full-bodied Chardonnay from NapaValley’s most celebrated vineyards. A bright spot on an otherwise bleak winter, the William Hill Estate 2012 Napa Valley Chardonnay leaves an indelible impression.

“We craft this Chardonnay in a classic NapaValley style,” says Ralf Holdenried, winemaker for William Hill Estate. “It makes for a versatile pairing with a wide range of foods, but it also stands on its own as a rich, expressive wine with great depth and character.”

For the 2012 vintage, Holdenried looked to a handful of select sub-regions in Napa to create a balanced wine with bright acidity and a luxurious, silky texture. He chose the cooler, rolling hills of Carneros, the southernmost region of Napa, for Chardonnay grapes with lively green apple and lemon flavors. Moving further north, warmer areas like St. Helena added a richer character to this Chardonnay, with ripe tree fruit flavors and heady notes of baked apple. Layers of caramel, brown spice and toasted oak from barrel aging gave this Chardonnay its decadent palate.

An ideal selection for a holiday meal, this Chardonnay complements traditional seasonal fare like turkey, baked ham or roasted goose. And, this wine will be a welcome accompaniment long after the last holiday decoration has been stowed away. That’s because the William Hill Estate 2012 Napa Valley Chardonnay offers expressive layers of flavor that match cream-based pastas, seasoned pork and rich seafood, like scallops or salmon. Holdenried has offered up his favorite smoked salmon recipe to try with his Napa Valley Chardonnay this winter.

Smoked Salmon & Apple Relish Crostini


1 Granny Smith apple, cored, peeled and chopped

2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley

2 tablespoons chopped fresh chives

2 tablespoons olive oil

½ lemon, juice only


8 ounces soft goat cheese

6 ounces smoked salmon, cut into crostini-sized pieces


1 sourdough baguette

4 tablespoons olive oil

Slice the loaf into ½-inch rounds, brush lightly with olive oil and bake for 13-15 minutes at 250° F or until golden brown. Allow to cool. While the crostini are baking, mix together all the apple relish ingredients in a bowl until well combined. Set aside. Remove crostini from the oven and spread goat cheese over the crostini. Top with a piece of smoked salmon and a teaspoon of apple relish. Serve immediately.

Makes approximately 25 pieces.

To learn more about William Hill Estate and its wines, visit or call (888) 909-9463.