Phoenix, Arizona (NAPSI) - Thanks to a popular mobile app, it may be easier for people to do what they need to do to live a healthier lifestyle-all while on the go.

While this can be good news anytime of year, it can be particularly welcome during the holidays, when many people are juggling lots of tasks and it’s easy to forget to take prescriptions.

It’s estimated by the New England Healthcare Institute that medication nonadherence has a nearly $300 billion impact on the U.S. healthcare system.

Walgreens’ mobile app lets users refill prescriptions by scanning the label, choosing a preferred location, submitting the request and picking it up at a Walgreens of their choice.

The app also can provide reminders to keep you on schedule with your medications and offer text alerts when your prescription is ready for pickup. Plus, it can make it easy to transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy just by taking a picture of the prescription label.

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