Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - If your water softener is old and outdated, it’s a good bet it’s inefficient.

A unit with modern technology can produce:

• Lower water, salt and electric bills

• Easier cleaning

• Softer skin

• Shinier hair

• Better-tasting water, drinks and food

• Brighter, softer laundry

• Sparkling dishes.

Think a high-efficiency water softener makes sense? Make sure by taking these three steps:

Step 1: Determine your cost of operation. Review your water and electric bills; also, consider your salt usage. Are you buying more salt because you have to fill the tank more frequently? If you’re seeing costs creep up, you’re using excess water, indicating your water softener is not as efficient as it could be.

Step 2: Get your water softener inspected. Every water softener, no matter its age, should be inspected at least once a year to ensure the most efficient operation.

A local water expert, such as a Culligan Man, can inspect your water softener to ensure it’s working properly and conduct a portable in-home test to gauge your home’s water quality. If the results suggest a bigger problem beyond your water softener, he can send a sample to the company’s accredited water laboratory.

Step 3: Understand modern technology. Water softeners used to be sized for the number of people in a home. If your household size has changed—say, your kids have grown up and moved out—your water softener may be using more water and electricity than necessary. Today’s high-efficiency water softeners can monitor for changes in water consumption, adjusting automatically.

Other automatic features of modern water softeners include the ability to adjust if your water hardness increases, thus allowing you to customize the feel of your water. Some units also have a smart brine tank that monitors salt levels and tells you how many days of salt remain. Based on the inspection and water test results, a Culligan Man can recommend the high-efficiency water softener to best meet your needs.

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