Riverside, California (NAPSI) - With so many super hero movies in theaters these days, many kids are likely to have superpowers on their minds. The notion of an ordinary, vulnerable person able to transform into a hero with superhuman abilities seems to be highly appealing to young children.

Playing super heroes can do wonders for children’s creativity as they think up scenarios to rescue imaginary friends, pets and toys in danger and create imaginary worlds where anything is possible. Since suspension of disbelief is seldom a problem for youngsters, this creative play can inspire way more than one or two fun afternoons. While that dreamed-up play is great exercise for the brain, boosting the ability to plan and focus, super hero creative activities can also be used to start serious conversations between a parent and child, introducing important concepts for kids who may be grappling with how to make sense of a big, complex world.

Questions such as what makes someone good or how can you be like a super hero without having magic powers can lead to a discussion of super hero qualities such as selflessness, self-discipline, bravery and fair-mindedness-traits that many say exemplify the best of humanity. Likewise, discussing what makes someone bad can open up awareness about impulses that children also experience from time to time and ways to deal with them.

For younger children, Disney’s new movie “Super Buddies” (on Blu-ray and DVD) can make a great conversation starter especially because it’s high on humor and low on scary violence. The super heroes in this comedy are adorable talking puppies who get transformed into caped crusaders and learn to unleash their amazing abilities as they race to the rescue of the planet when it’s threatened by a shape-shifting bully from outer space. The movie is packed with laughs and each puppy has character traits that help illustrate that when you use your wits and work together, you don’t need superpowers to be a super hero.

Some of the basic wisdom the Super Buddies learn includes:

• Doing good in the world is truly admirable, and it often takes courage and determination.

• Brains sometimes work better than brawn.

• Keep trying, even if things don’t work out right away.

• Be flexible, physically and mentally.

• Use humor whenever possible; it has its own superpower.

• You don’t have to act alone to save the day. Teamwork can often be most effective and fun.

• Anyone can achieve hero status. It’s not necessary to be born with superpowers to become a hero.

For more information, visit www.Disney.com/Buddies.