Phoenix, Arizona (NAPSI) - Hot under the collar? Here are six simple steps to help reduce your electric bills and keep your home cool during the summer.

1. Lights off. Lightbulbs give off heat when lit. Don't leave them on when you're out.

2. Shut the door. Even a small crack can make a big difference in comfort.

3. Draw your drapes. Closing lined drapes helps shield the sun and keep the air-conditioning in.

4. Check your weather-proofing. Caulking window sills and weather stripping around doors can seal the leaks and help your home remain cool.

5. Close the garage door. This can keep a massive amount of heat out of your home.

6. Get your air-conditioning unit serviced. Regular checkups help your unit operate efficiently, and a home warranty from American Home Shield will help protect your budget when a covered part or component breaks down.

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