Riverside, California (NAPSI) - Even though I spend my days in front of the camera, I am still a busy mom of two, always on the lookout for the same things most moms are new, smart resources to help my family thrive and simplify our everyday routine.

Fortunately, I found P&G everyday™ to help me and my family celebrate all of our rewarding life moments-big and small. www.pgeveryday.com is a one-stop destination for sharing and saving, mom style! It’s designed to help busy moms like me find solutions, shop quicker and save smarter, all to unlock the extraordinary potential in every day.

The inspiring and thoughtful community there equips me with great recipes, like Barbecue Stuffed Bell Peppers (you have to give them a try, with 99 percent fat-free ground turkey and low-fat cheese, this summer!), as well as practical tips, extraordinary products, beauty trends, coupons, samples and much more.

The site is filled with articles and tips from experts, fellow moms and innovative, trusted brands—all of which are committed to making every day just a little easier (got to love that!). In addition, there’s a new webisode series called “Mom Ambush” that takes on the daily challenges that every mom encounters, such as stress management and fitting “me time” into our very busy schedules, and provides expert advice on how to achieve a life full of rewarding moments.

Some of my “go-to” tips include:

1. Schedule your mom activities/duties like an appointment. I always put my workouts, pickup time from school and so on in a calendar each week so that I can accomplish everything in an orderly way. Having a “plan of attack” for the days ahead keeps me feeling organized and more able to maximize my time.

2. Make “date night” a priority. Time with my husband is essential. That’s why I ask a relative or a family friend to babysit for a night (and offer to return the favor), so that he and I can hit the town. Sometimes we have a “date in”! We put the kids to bed early, rent a movie, make some popcorn and curl up on the couch.

3. Get the kids to help. Making a chore wheel and setting up a completion sticker chart with rewards is a great way to keep the kids motivated. The kids can choose the rewards, perhaps which movie to see that week, a special activity with mom, or the destination on that weekend’s outing. Josselyn recently requested a trip to a special park when she had tidied up her room!

4. Bring the spa to you. I love to set up my bathroom with scented aromatherapy candles around the tub and dimmed lighting. To make sure time spent in a luxurious bubble bath is even more restorative, I block out a few moments for some light stretching and simple deep-breathing exercises beforehand.

5. Prep food for the week on Sundays. Turn on some fun music and prepare the basics for the week. For example, I like to chop veggies and fruit and then put each into its own container in plain view in the fridge. That way, when family members need a quick snack, it’s all ready for eating and I can be confident they’re enjoying something healthful. This also helps when it’s time to make school lunches or dinner. If an upcoming meal includes an element that can be prepped in advance, I try to build that into my weekend time in the kitchen so I’m ahead of the game.

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• Samantha Harris is a journalist and Emmy-nominated TV personality, as well as a mom of two, who is best known from co-hosting eight seasons of “Dancing With the Stars” and “Entertainment Tonight.”