Riverside, California (NAPSI) - You may save yourself time, money and trouble at the grocery store if you avoid these seven common errors that shoppers make:

1. Consumers don’t make a list before they go. It always helps to have a clear plan of what you’re going to buy before you hit the store. To help, there are a number of apps that can get you organized. One, ZipList, is an online recipe box and shopping list system that syncs across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, so you can stick to your list and not forget important ingredients.

2. Shoppers buy food when they’re hungry. Shopping hungry often leads to impulse buys and purchasing more than you need.

3. They don’t look down. Brands pay a premium to be displayed at eye level, so looking down can be a way to find the same-quality items at lower prices.

4. People shy away from the generic brands. You’ve had your go-to cereal for years but your grocery store may be offering the same ingredients in a generic cereal for a fraction of the cost.

5. They go during peak hours. Shopping for the week on Sunday afternoon? Looks like everyone had the same idea. Try to switch up your schedule and stock up during less popular times, such as late evening on a weeknight or early Saturday morning.

6. Food purchasers ignore the center aisles. Center aisles at grocery stores usually contain such packaged goods as canned food and beans. These can offer depth and heartiness to your meals without breaking the bank.

7. Consumers don’t check for deals. The online list system can help here, too. ZipList has a Grocery Deals feature that helps you find what’s on sale at stores near you. The feature pulls directly from grocery circulars and other sources, so even perishable goods can be found on the site on a week-to-week basis.

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