Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - There’s good news for parents who want to protect the environment while providing their children with a safer place to play outdoors.

The company recognized as the maker of the original redwood playset, Woodplay Playsets, has announced that its swing sets are now made using lumber that’s certified sustainable. In fact, their supplier ofCaliforniaredwood has received a conservation award from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Safe And Strong

Making Woodplay Playsets fromCaliforniaredwood adds to their safety. That’s because redwood resists disease and decay and has less shrinkage.

In addition, the sets’ adjustable A-frame design allows level placement in a yard, despite uneven or irregular ground. Also, the fact that sets are made with notched angle braces with wood-on-wood design reduces the load on hardware and adds structural support. This original Woodplay feature is now an industry standard.

The Value Of Outdoor Play

In addition to being safe and sustainable, swing sets such as these can be an important resource for parents who want to encourage their children to engage in more outdoor play.

Research indicates that kids can learn a range of skills through active, exploratory play. By taking turns on a slide, making friends on a swing set, negotiating rules and sharing space, kids hone their skills in problem solving, creative play and socializing—all while being active and reducing the chance for childhood obesity.

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