Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - Many business owners and their employees may have a less taxing time than they thought this year, thanks to today’s technology.

In fact, Internet-based technologies are emerging to ease not just the burden of tax season, but of managing a business’s cash flow year-round. By moving all their finances to an online solution, business owners are able to easily manage their money, bill their customers and pay their bills. Plus, online information is much more secure given that it is behind advanced security measures rather than scattered about multiple offices, desks and briefcases. Come tax season, with online finances, businesses can record, collect and file needed data with no hassle, no worries and no paper.

There are several reasons to move online this tax season:

1. You can finally dump the file cabinet. With an online solution, you don’t need to pull together endless paperwork for your accountant. Give her access to your files via a secure password and she can get all the information she needs online. Think of the phone calls and mailings this will save.

2. Having everything online helps you prepare for taxes because all the documentation you need is in one place. No more searching for files in your desk late into the night.

3. Once all your information is online, you don’t have to re-create the wheel every tax season. Your documentation will be in one place and it will be updated throughout the year as you use the system. You can also schedule easy-to-forget standing tax payments so you never have to worry about that again.

4. Because it’s all online, you’re audit-ready at any time. You have all the information you need to show the IRS at your fingertips—even on your mobile device.

5. Being online not only guards against errors, it also eliminates fraud. With today’s advanced security measures, your data can be safer than it has ever been.

Adds René Lacerte, CEO and founder of, maker of a leading bill payment, invoicing and cash management online solution, going paperless means an uncluttered desk, which leads to an uncluttered mind. This is always good to have but can be especially hard to achieve in tax season...until now.

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