Riverside, California (NAPSI) - There’s good news for parents, adult learners and high schoolers who want a simple and effective tool to help them make important education decisions.

Finding the right educational opportunity can be costly, time consuming and intimidating. It’s estimated that one-third of all students transfer schools at least once before earning a college degree. In addition, experts contend that many students drop out of school completely because the school they are in does not meet their needs.

Fortunately, there is a new, easy-to-use search engine that has collected extensive data on over 130,000 colleges and K−12 schools and hundreds of thousands of education providers.

Called Noodle.org, it provides recommendation tools and information in categories such as college and graduate programs—including law, business, medical and general academic subjects—K−12 schools, study abroad programs, interactive learning materials and tutoring and test prep help, and guidance counselors and consultants.

Users get free, unlimited access to information they can use to make crucial decisions about their education. For example, visitors can compare schools based on factors such as class size, student faculty ratios, financial aid or career outcomes; information, the site contends, that can help visitors make better decisions.

How It Works

Visitors are asked to respond to a few simple questions, and based on the answers, the site will match users with the educational opportunities that best suit their interests, budget, location and personal preferences.

Noodle.org also allows users to share their favorite search results with family and friends, and connect with one another via Facebook and Twitter.

The site’s rankings data is collected from a variety of sources, most notably U.S. News & World Report, The Princeton Review, Newsweek and Rugg’s Recommendations.

Learning Materials

In addition, the site has over 350,000 free interactive learning materials covering a range of topics—collected from respected sources including National Geographic, the Smithsonian, Khan Academy and Big Think—with help from fractions to French, from piano lessons to Civil War history. Users can create playlists and share what they’ve watched with others.

Scholarship Offer

To celebrate the launch of Noodle.org, users have a chance to win a $4,000 education scholarship. To learn more or to register for a chance to win, visit www.noodle.org.