Riverside, California (NAPSI) - Here’s a unique way to gauge social trends and interests in the year’s top stories, compelling newsmakers, and viral fads. The rankings in this Year in Review come from online users’ own online search habits on Internet giant Yahoo!, the daily habit of millions of people worldwide.

Top Searches on Yahoo!

1. election

2. iphone 5

3. kim kardashian

4. kateupton

5. kate middleton

6. whitneyhouston

7. olympics

8. political polls

9. lindsay lohan

10. jennifer lopez

In the Obsessions category, the iPhone 5 snagged the No. 1 slot in a list mostly dominated by pop culture trends such as “The Hunger Games,” reality TV breakout Honey Boo Boo, British boy band One Direction, Carly Rae Jepsen’s much-memed song “Call Me Maybe” and the galloping global hit “Gangnam Style” by Korean pop singer Psy.

Top Searched Obsessions on Yahoo!

1. iphone 5

2. political polls

3. mega millions

4. the hunger games

5. honey boo boo

6. fifty shades of grey

7. one direction

8. call me maybe

9. gangnam style

10. titanic

Unlike the Top 10 Searches, which is compiled by calculating the search volume of related keywords, a term has to show significant search volume and significant percentage spike compared to last year. That’s why Election claims the top search term of the year but doesn’t make Obsessions, whereas Political Polls make both lists.

Other online compulsions included Mega Millions, thanks to a record jackpot that could be played across 42 states.

With a look at the last two years of Obsessions, you see some patterns emerging: the breakout book (although “Fifty Shades of Grey” is many degrees removed from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”), the bubblegum song (one girl’s “Friday” is now “Call Me Maybe”), the reality TV show (Honey Boo Boo is the new “Jersey Shore”), even politics reared its head in 2010 with The Tea Party. This year, though, there’s no celebrity meltdown (Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan previously held those honors), no collectibles (Silly Bandz) and no bizarre pranks.

You can see the entire report at yearinreview.yahoo.com.