Dallas, Texas (NAPSI) - There’s good news for parents and grandparents who are tired of seeing their holiday and birthday gifts end up at the bottom of the hall closet.

A new website has been created to help them give a gift that can last a lifetime—the gift of an education. By enrolling in the Private College 529 Plan, families and their loved ones can purchase or contribute to tuition certificates that are guaranteed by over 270 participating private colleges and universities.

One of the benefits of this kind of plan, known as a prepaid 529 plan, is that families have the opportunity to purchase future tuition at today’s rates. Additionally, students may attend any of the plan’s 270 schools to which they are accepted—and there is no need to commit to a particular school when first enrolling in the plan.

To help make this process even easier, Private College 529 Plan has created a website called TomorrowsTuitionToday.org. The site features profiles from member schools, an interactive blog focused on college savings strategies and topics, as well as real stories from families that have successfully used the program.

The creation of this new site underscores the commitment of Private College 529 Plan’s member colleges and universities to helping students and their families save for college and make smart decisions about student loans. For more information, visit www.tomorrowstuitiontoday.org and www.privatecollege529.com.