Tempe, Arizona (NAPSI) - Here’s an idea that may color how many children are raised: Artistic expression is vital for childhood growth, development and overall well-being during the early stages of life, according to Dr. Karen Hill-Scott, Ed.D., a nationally recognized expert in child care.

“The role of art in early child- hood education is critical in help- ing children develop necessary life skills and promote basic problem solving and self-esteem,” she explained. “Exposure to art not only encourages self-expression through the representation of an object on paper but also stimulates the development of abstract ideas and concepts.”

Added parenting expert, licensed psychotherapist, author, relationship expert and media personality Stacy Kaiser, “Innovation in education comes in all shapes and sizes.” Many families with young children are finding that the size and shape of an e-book is one of the best.

Education Through Art

In fact, a new series of e-books and interactive i-books called The Drip Drops has been designed to do just that.

They have what Kaiser calls “a unique ability to help young kids learn on a variety of platforms, making their stories that much more relevant to kids and parents of today.”

The only preschool app and e-book series that focuses on art and color as well as reading and overall creativity, it provides children ages 2 through 6 with the tools necessary to appreciate and investigate the world around them.

Simplistic in style but rich in content, the charming cast of characters takes kids on a wonderful journey toTintTown, where, with children’s help, they bring color to a black-and-white world.

Each character has a unique personality and talent that kids can identify with. They work together in a community that’s similar to most neighborhoods, complete with a library, grocery store, school, town hall, and playground, but also a color-mixing park and alphabet orchard.

Through a wide variety of engaging visual arts activities, children can examine alternative solutions to problems using creative thinking, trial and error and teamwork.

By encouraging self-expression and allowing children to give form to their emotions, ideas and feelings through art, the series can be a valuable teaching tool and provide a solid foundation for future learning.

See The Site And Learn More

The Story of the Drip Drops eBook is available as a Free Download in the iTunes Bookstore and other titles are available on iTunes and the Android marketplace. Parents, teachers and others interested in the series can find further facts and see the characters online at www.thedripdrops.com.