Houston, Texas (NAPSI) - Smartphones make us “smarter” but how smart are we about the smartphone selection process? More and more people - from soccer moms to hardcore gamers - know they want a smartphone but don’t know how to find the right one.

The good news is that doing your homework before you buy can help you find the smartphone that best meets your needs. Here is the three-step process to help you make the right mobile device purchase.

1. Find the One That Fits

Start with the obvious. You should like the size of the mobile device and how it feels in your hand. Chances are, no matter its features, if you are not physically comfortable using the mobile device, you won’t be happy.

2. Find Your User Profile

Before you walk into the store, take a deep breath and identify your profile based on how you will be using the phone and the features you really want and need. Following are a few profiles to get you started—feel free to mix and match:

No Frills, Please: You want a phone that lets you talk, text and check your e-mail. Apps, bells and whistles will only confuse things and clutter your phone.

Smart and Social: You like to be connected and want a phone that will help you take social networking to the next level. You also like sharing and comparing the latest eye-popping tricks and features on your smartphone with your friends.

Gaming Guru: You want a phone that lets you get your game on-and that means one with the capacity for rich graphics and streaming video.

Multitasking Maven: You go through life 100 miles per hour and you need a smartphone that can keep up with you. From easy-to-read touch screens to GPS apps, you are looking for a partner to help you multitask on the run without having to recharge.

The good news is that whatever your profile, chances are you can find a phone that matches it.

3. Look for a Smartphone with a Strong Heart!

Processors are the “heart” of a mobile device and literally bring it to life. Not all processors are created equal. Just like our human hearts, you want a processor that allows you to go farther, last longer and do everything you want to do. So the key is finding the mobile device with a processor that will provide longer battery life, an enriched mobile experience and ultimate connectivity.

“Our research has shown consumers are more reliant on mobile technology than ever and are taking the time to make informed decisions about their mobile device selection,” said Tim McDonough, Vice President of Product Marketing at Qualcomm. “To purchase the mobile products that best meet their lifestyle needs, we believe that more and more smartphone and tablet users are considering the processor brand when making a mobile purchase.”

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors are powering the extraordinary experiences that consumers have come to expect from superior mobile devices. They help devices do more without having to constantly recharge the battery, providing seamless, high-speed Web browsing, e-mail connectivity, GPS, multimedia, best-in-class gaming, social networking and 4G LTE connectivity.

It is believed that the mobile community is aware of the Snapdragon point of difference. In order to enhance the overall mobile experience, leading manufacturers and operators have selected Snapdragon processors to power more than 420 of the most popular smartphones and tablets. Plus, it’s estimated there are 400 additional Snapdragon-powered devices currently in development.

To learn more, visit www.qualcomm.com/snapdragon/devices.