Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - Picture this: You can view, edit and share your favorite photographs and videos on your favorite gaming device.

That’s because photo sharing is a built-in capability of a device that millions of American households already enjoy. The PlayStation 3 (PS3) system, which has offered basic functionality for showing off your favorite digital pictures since day one, added a free Photo Gallery application a few years ago for sorting and creating your own photo albums.

With the recent introduction of the new PlayMemories Studio application, photo and video sharing has been taken to the next level, allowing you to edit, manage and share your photos and videos straight from your PS3. There’s no better way to enjoy memories from family vacations, birthday parties and other special occasions than on your big screen TV through your PS3.

Part of the larger PlayMemories Online initiative, the PS3’s PlayMemories Studio app allows you to access your photos and videos anytime, anywhere from your smartphone, tablet, TV or computer. You can also take advantage of several helpful, easy-to-use features.

• Editing And Enhancing: Taking full advantage of the power of the PS3, you can freely zoom and scroll through photos and edit HD video content with the device’s wireless controller, all from the comfort of your living room. You can also use action tags with images to add visual and sound effects, such as slow motion or frame-by-frame playback, as well as insert captions and scripts.

• Organizing and Viewing: In addition to the videos and photos stored on your PS3, you can also view content stored on your cameras, smartphones, external hard drives and storage devices while connected via a USB cable, without the need to transfer them. Also, searching and sorting images by date or location is easy to do.

• Sharing and Sending: Sharing an album or postcard from the PlayMemories app is a great way to let those close to you see your latest and greatest photos and videos. Your friends and family will receive a private link allowing them to view your album online and from any of their devices. You can also easily upload your photos and videos to popular websites such as Facebook and YouTube, along with the official PlayMemories Online site.

The PlayMemories app costs $15 and can be downloaded directly from the Media and Apps section of PlayStation Store. There’s also a 30-day free trial available, or, if you have a PlayStation Plus membership, the app can be downloaded for free. For more information, visit