El Paso, Texas (NAPSI) - Many American veterans are getting mental and physical therapy and a lot of fun from a surprising source.

That’s becauseAmerica’s hobby industry is reaching out to organizations, such as the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment, that care for recovering veterans by providing free model kits.

How It Works

Model hobby kits assist soldiers who are on the mend in re-focusing their energies on positive accomplishments and improving their fine-motor skills as part of their therapy.

Expert’s Opinion

According to Patrick Mooney of theNationalMuseumof the Marine Corps, which also works to find ways to improve wounded veterans’ lives, “We are thrilled to have the continued kit contributions from the hobby industry, which support a number of hospitals, as well as the Wounded Warrior Regiment.”

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For additional information on enjoying a model hobby kit, visit www.myhobbyfun.com.