Ames, Iowa (NAPSI) - The next time you enjoy a nutritious snack, turn on the lights or see a farmer feed his or her animals, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of one family’s 150-year-old company and its efforts to provide food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services to the world.


It all started in 1865, when William Wallace Cargill became the owner of a single grain warehouse in Iowa.

In 1940, to transport food across vast lakes and down winding rivers, the world needed a better boat. Cargill’s family company entered the shipbuilding industry to create it, fusing the nimble towboat and big barge into a faster and more cost-efficient ship.

In 1967, it filled an entire train with Illinois corn, making it more affordable for consumers and efficient for farmers and changing the food industry.

In 1991, it worked with animal science expert Dr. Temple Grandin to define new ethical standards in beef processing for a safer, more nutritious product.


These days, the company is a leader in the agricultural, food processing, energy and financial industries. Cargill is celebrating its 150th year in business this year, and one element of its global celebration will be Learning Journeys to Africa and China to work with others on improving food security and the sustainability of food production.

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