Chicago, Illinois (NAPSI) - The number of cremations has grown across the country over the past 20 years. In fact, the Cremation Association of North America estimates some 1.5 million Americans are cremated every year.

While this can be a way to deal with the end of life that’s both comforting and affordable for the mourners, many families believe attending a funeral service is one of the most important ways for them to begin the grieving and healing process. Traditional services give families and friends the opportunity to come together to celebrate and remember the life that has been lived.

People leaning toward cremation may be relieved to know that doesn’t mean they have to miss an important opportunity to provide their family and friends the closure that often comes with a funeral service.

Funeral homes throughout the country offer affordable caskets that can be used for both viewing and cremation. These caskets are made entirely from engineered wood, a material that is formed from recycled material to produce an affordable, attractive and environmentally friendly cremation casket. Unlike a rented casket, the cremation casket also serves as the cremation container.

A traditional funeral service will provide comfort and closure for friends and loved ones.