Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - A dangerous scam that hides major problems from consumers who purchase used cars is on the rise.

That’s the word from experts who say nearly 800,000 used cars on America’s roads may be part of an emerging fraud called title washing.

Title washing makes rebuilt wrecks and cars with odometer issues look like problem-free used cars on paper. Professional con men illegally alter vehicle documents to get title brands such as “salvage” or “flood” removed from a car’s title. They’ll often patch up the wrecked cars, move them to other states and sell them with a clear title to unsuspecting buyers. Victims can lose thousands and put their lives at risk purchasing used cars with washed titles.

To help, Carfax Vehicle History Reports alert people to cases of potential title washing. Every Motor Vehicle Department in the U.S. and Canada reports branded titles to Carfax. Getting an inspection by a trusted mechanic is also recommended.

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