(NAPSI) - According to the National Safety Council, injuries related to falls are still a primary concern for seniors, and with good reason: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states one in three adults aged 65 and over experience a fall each year.

To proactively address concerns about falls, many seniors choose to invest in a personal emergency response system (PERS). But according to senior safety expert Dennis Boyle of MobileHelp, there are four main things to consider when choosing the right PERS device:

1. Waterproof: Showers and pool decks are slippery surfaces that seniors regularly utilize—the wearable pendant or accessories that detect falls should be waterproof to accommodate such activities.

2. Mobile: More than 45 percent of falls happen outside the home—if the person is mobile, the PERS device should be, too.

3. Automatic fall detection: Following a fall, 80 percent of people aren’t physically able to push the button on their PERS device. With automatic fall detection, they don’t have to—if they fall and can’t push the button or even respond-help will still be on the way.

4. Comfort: The device should be lightweight, with multiple wear options (such as neck pendant or wristwatch styles), and neck pendants should feature quick-release fasteners for safety.

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