Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - Most people have heard of someone who made a bundle from investing in a stock. For every person who made a small fortune, however, there’s probably someone who lost his pants. Simply hearing about a potential winning stock and blindly investing isn’t good enough these days.

Richard DiBiase, a 15-year expert in the financial markets who specializes in research and advanced analytics and who has invested in companies ranging from technology to energy, says, “Investors, especially novices, must research public companies before investing their hard-earned dollars and, luckily, this research is at everyone’s fingertips—thanks to the Internet.”

DiBiase suggests these basic stock research tips: (1) At, investors can find press releases, news articles, trading history and other key statistics for each public company. (2) Visit the company’s website, especially its Investor Relations section. He cautions: “If a company’s site is weak or they have no Investor section, that tells you something about the company.” (3) Browse through to view the filings the company has made with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. (4) Take a close look at the company’s management team. Remember, executive leadership provides direction and vision for a company. (5) Use to discover if the company has had any recent media coverage. If the media is writing about the company in a positive light, that’s a good sign.

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