Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - It’s been said that anyone who can watch you will watch you. Governments, service providers, advertisers and cybercriminals all want a piece of the hottest currency around your data.

Most consumers have gotten used to trading their privacy in return for free services like e-mail. But public awareness and concern are shifting. People are starting to question how their data is being used by others and what tools, if any, are available to help them easily manage their online identity and digital privacy.

A company called Virtru has set out to fix this imbalance, or the trade-off of privacy for convenience, putting control back in the hands of consumers. Virtru’s free, encrypted e-mail service works with your existing e-mail account and provides total privacy from the moment you hit send. With Virtru, people can send secure, encrypted e-mail messages and attachments to anyone and control how messages are distributed, who sees them and for how long.

Using patented technology, Virtru encloses messages in a secure envelope that can only be opened by the intended recipients. After a simple download, the Virtru “send secure” icon appears in the message window of your regular e-mail. A quick click of the button and Virtru is turned on, automatically encrypting your message and its content.

E-mail Regret—Can I Take That Back?

Most e-mail users have, at some point in time, sent a message to the wrong person or had a private message intended for one forwarded to many. In addition to security and encryption, Virtru offers first-of-its-kind privacy controls like the ability to revoke a message after it’s been sent and determine who can view forwarded messages. When you have a conversation in real life, it doesn’t follow you forever. Why should e-mail? Virtru also allows users to set an expiration date for sensitive e-mails to self-destruct. Now consumers have the ability to control their information wherever it travels and change their minds about how much access they grant to others. With this level of security and control, people can share freely without compromise or self-censorship and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their private communications will be kept private. Plus, they can avoid embarrassing blunders and the regret that comes with sending an e-mail message to the wrong person.

E-mail Encryption For Everyone

Encrypted e-mail has been around for decades. But it’s never been available to the general, non-technical public. Virtru was founded on the belief that every consumer and business deserves access to this technology and has invested years of engineering to ensure that anyone who can send a regular e-mail message can send a secure, encrypted one using their existing e-mail provider. No special expertise is required and users don’t need to be within a closed community or even on the same platform to trade secure messages.

According to the company’s co-founder and CEO, John Ackerly, Virtru’s key innovation is putting true digital privacy within everyone’s grasp.

“We believe most people have nothing to hide but everything to protect. Our technology is opening up new channels of communication, empowering people to protect their digital communications on their own terms and to share ideas, thoughts, opinions and data with confidence, knowing their private information will be kept private.”

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