Farmington, New Mexico (NAPSI) - Helping to feed the world is a big job for America’s farmers. However, when it comes to application equipment, many are relying on smaller, more compact machines to help produce their crops.

Many larger farms continue to rely on professionals who operate bigger, commercial-grade machines to spray or spread fertilizer and crop protection products on their fields. Now, compact, lower-cost equipment, geared to smaller fields, is being engineered with many features of the full-size, professional models for farmers who want to handle their own applications.

Smaller Sprayer

One example is a nimble 700-gallon tank sprayer geared for most grower operations with advanced application systems and technology. For starters, there’s plenty of power, with a 165-horsepower, high-torque engine that provides consistent power to the ground to pull through hills, rough terrain and soft, wet ground.

Its hydrostatic All Wheel Drive (AWD) Smart Drive System and Parallel C-channel flex frame provide steady field speed without shifting, and excellent traction with all four wheels remaining on the ground. The result is a smoother ride, reduced soil disturbance, less wear and tear on the booms and more precise product application, even under varying field conditions. Three axle configurations—narrow, wide and standard—allow for multiple track widths for quick and easy operation through a wide variety of crops, crop heights and field conditions.

Advanced Technology

In addition, this machine-the new RG700 self-propelled sprayer from AGCO Application Equipment—is equipped with the latest technology systems, including product application and boom height controllers, section control, GPS-assisted steering, and a telemetry system for monitoring machine performance in near real time.

It also offers a host of cab comfort and safety features, including a panoramic front windshield and curved rear window for maximum visibility, sound-dampening materials for a quieter ride, and triple filtration to keep the cab virtually dust-, chemical- and odor-free.

While primarily designed for growers, this compact sprayer also enables ag retailers to have their professional applicators treat smaller fields.

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