Riverside, California (NAPSI) - With many businesses moving into the cloud to streamline and simplify their workday, the idea of an “office” is quickly becoming a state of mind. Meetings are happening remotely, and technology is relied on to connect people and replace traditional conference rooms.

Both video- and audio conferencing make remote communication possible. Together, the simple, free and beautifully designed audio conferencing service, UberConference, www.uberconference.com, and Google’s free video chat platform, Hangouts, www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts, provide the complete conferencing experience.

As the first and only service to integrate an audio conference with Hangouts, UberConference is transforming teleconferencing with its powerful features and compatibility with any device. The service is free and completely eliminates frustrating PIN numbers, simplifying meetings and making them easier to join from anywhere.

Conferencing On The Go

Google Hangouts is used by millions for videoconferencing, but before UberConference, Hangouts wasn’t available to those who didn’t have access to a webcam or Internet connection. In reality, people are constantly in transit during work hours. Not all business calls happen in front of a screen. UberConference and Google Hangouts came together to solve this.

UberConference provides Hangouts users with a dedicated phone number so that the Hangout can be joined from anywhere and via telephone, making everyone more productive while on the go.

“Not having a laptop on hand is no longer a limitation of joining a Hangout,” said Craig Walker, UberConference CEO and co-founder. “We’ve created an entirely new way for people to hold audio conference calls, and Hangouts has done the same for video. The two integrated together deliver a groundbreaking conferencing experience you can’t find anywhere else.”

Invite People To Hangout

Google Hangouts usually allow up to 15 participants in a meeting at a time, but when UberConference is used with Hangouts, up to 100 people can be added to the call by phone.

Easily Control Your Call

With the UberConference integration into Google Hangouts comes powerful call controls—mute noisy callers, record the meeting and even add people on the fly, all with the click of a button. You can see who’s talking at all times thanks to the speaker icon, and also see the social profiles of other callers from LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Adding UberConference To Your Hangout Is Simple

Find and enable the UberConference app in the Hangouts Apps Menu. Once the app is added, the UberConference sidebar will make all UberConference controls available. The Hangout organizer’s UberConference number is always the same, so it can be included in future Hangout invitations.

Learn more at www.uberconference.com/hangouts.