Riverside, California (NAPSI) - It’s a lot easier than many people realize to get together with families in the neighborhood and create a delightful place for your children to play, a bit of open space to brighten up the area and a place for community members to meet. Here are 10 simple steps:

Step 1: Form a steering committee with the people concerned.

Step 2: Get answers to the following questions:

• How many children will the playground need to serve at one time?

• What is the age group range of the children who will use this equipment?

• What special needs of children must be considered?

Step 3: Listen and observe at existing playgrounds. Ask the community for feedback on playground ideas.

Step 4: Inventory possible sites. Review existing play areas and plans for new ones in the area.

Step 5: Consult with a qualified playground specialist and request a free quote.

Step 6: Determine your budget and identify additional costs beyond equipment (shipping, installation, site prep, surfacing and so on).

Step 7: Explore fundraising options and select a playground manufacturer.

Step 8: Establish a timeline for site preparation, equipment delivery and installation.

Step 9: Install the playground. Hire a contractor or recruit volunteers to hold down costs.

Step 10: Have the grand opening. Invite government officials and other important people. Take pictures and video to share on social media. Enjoy.

You can learn more from Playworld Systems, a leading manufacturer of imaginative playground and fitness equipment, at www.PlayworldSystems.com.