Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - As excitement builds for the world’s biggest winter sports event in February, tales of perseverance and determination highlight the stage. Athletes across the nation will showcase how drive and ambition are built with the power of the human spirit.

Athletes And Insights

Here’s a look at some of the more intriguing tales:

• While ski jumping has always been one of the most thrilling extreme sports, women have not been allowed to participate alongside their male counterparts at the highest level, until now. The Women’s Ski Jumping U.S.A. athletes persevered and pushed for their place in history on sports’ biggest stage and will join the other 97 events in Russia, 2014.

• In 2010, Zach Parise scored U.S.A.’s tying goal late in the final hockey game against Canada to send it to overtime. Although his team went home as runners-up, Parise still dreams of winning gold and will get a second chance to do so in Russia.

• These incredible athletes-U.S.A. Hockey star Zach Parise plus Women’s Ski Jumping U.S.A. athletes Abby Hughes, Alissa Johnson, Jessica Jerome, Lindsey Van, Nita Englund, Nina Lussi and Sarah Hendrickson—are being recognized in the new BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign, which showcases what elite athletes have known for years and what research supports: Drinking lowfat chocolate milk after strenuous exercise helps athletes refuel and rebuild their bodies so they’re ready to give it their all in their next workout or competition. For any athlete competing in Russia in 2014, recovering effectively between each intense training session can mean the difference between going home empty-handed and standing on the podium.

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