Phoenix, Arizona (NAPSI) - Many high school seniors are currently thinking about one of the most important decisions of their lives: deciding which college to attend.

One option many consider is an art and design college that fosters problem-solving skills and creativity. Such institutions of higher learning augment a fine-arts curriculum with animation, creative writing, digital filmmaking, game design, graphic design, illustration and photography.

Art and design is a growing sector with a significant effect on the economy. People who pursue a degree at an art and design school are prepared for careers in a range of fields and are likely to work in a career they find rewarding.

For example, the Kansas City Art Institute boasts an 88 percent placement rate, reports Jacqueline Chanda, Ph.D., president of the school. The skills and competencies that students learn there are relevant to their jobs whether they eventually become artists, teachers, business executives, doctors, lawyers or anything else.