Houston, Texas (NAPSI) - An unexpected consequence to extreme weather, such as 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, is the damage it can do to all types of vehicles.

Cars that were in the path of Sandy, for example, were submerged in salt water, which is highly corrosive and damaging to vital parts. As a result, many were left with problems to their electrical, mechanical and safety systems.

To this day, unscrupulous con men are making a living off cleaning up flooded cars and reselling them. According to new research from Carfax, over 212,000 flooded cars are on the road right now across the country.

The good news is that you can take steps to protect yourself the next time you buy a used car.

Start with a free Flood Check from Carfax before buying any used car. This resource and the full Carfax Vehicle History Report provide information that helps buyers avoid scams and make more informed decisions.

To learn more, visit flood.carfax.com.