Miami, Florida (NAPSI) - Experts say that most troubled girls learn best by experiential education or "learning by doing."

For over 40 years, a nationally accredited outdoor therapeutic program has helped girls gain the academic and life skills needed to navigate the difficult road from adolescence to adulthood.

It's built around a positive, strengths-based approach featuring an accredited on-campus school, outdoor activities, and group and individual therapy to enhance girls' self-confidence and personal competence. Each girl's journey to self-awareness starts with individualized treatment and academic plans. The skilled staff are experienced to provide critical interventions at the right time while family support services strengthen parent-child relationships. The program also taps into the healing power of being outdoors in the pristine woodlands ofFlorida.

Called Eckerd E-Nini-Hassee, the program accepts girls 12 to 18 from across the country.

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