Houston, Texas (NAPSI) - Those looking for exciting entertainment the whole family can enjoy are finding that some monsters can be very family friendly monster trucks, that is.

Over the last two decades, monster truck events have become one of the most popular forms of family entertainment in theUnited States. In fact, according to the official website of Monster Jam, the premier tour in monster truck racing, more than 4 million fans are entertained each year at tour stops all over theUnited States. The events give communities the chance to rally around their favorite competitor as they experience the thrill of the racing series.

A Chance For Family Time

For many families, these races are a chance to enjoy a shared experience and bond over a common interest. This can be good news for the 33 percent of parents who, according to thePewResearchCenter, say they are not spending enough time with their families.

A monster truck show typically involves high-flying vehicles performing in what are known as freestyles. In these events, monster trucks execute a variety of tricks and stunts, often crushing smaller vehicles, such as smart cars and sedans, beneath their huge tires.

A Popular Pair Of Monsters

Weighing in at a car-crushing 10,300 pounds, with more than 2,000 horsepower and 10 feet in height, two of the more popular trucks on the circuit are Raminator and Rammunition. These iconic Ram Truck brand-sponsored monster trucks are crowd favorites and are considered among the most feared contenders on the racetrack.

Owned and operated by the renowned Hall Brothers Racing team, these trucks perform at free dealership events—open to all ages—where the trucks run up and over man-made barriers and trample whatever obstacles are in their path.

For many, a highlight of these behind-the-scene events is the opportunity for fans to ride along in the eight-passenger Raminator ride truck. They also get a chance for a photo and autograph session with the famed professional drivers while they watch monster trucks crush multiple cars at one time.

When they’re not racing or at local dealerships, the two towering favorites can be found at National Monster Truck Races such as the Thunder Nationals, 4 Wheel Jamboree and Monster Jam.

To find out when the Raminator and Rammunition are coming to your town, you can visit www.raminator.com. For additional information on Ram Trucks, visit www.ramtrucks.com.