Phoenix, Arizona (NAPSI) - To help you get in the swim for fitness exercise, renowned aquatics expert, U.S. Masters Swimming and Synchro Champion Dr. Jane Katz answers questions on water exercise:

Q: Who should exercise in water? The magic of water works for everyone. All ages. All ability levels. Whether in shape or overweight, workouts can be adapted to fit one’s needs.

Q: What are the benefits of aquatic exercise versus other fitness routines? Water is simultaneously buoyant and resistant. People can relax in it but still stretch and strengthen. It’s a holistic workout—mind, body and spirit.

Q: You often touch on those spiritual benefits of water workouts. Can you explain? Aquatic fitness is a freeing experience. You may be overweight or have a joint problem, but you will still feel good. I teach a group of mature-women water exercisers. Some might not have exercised before taking this class, or they come in with a cane. But by the time class is over, they’ve left the cane by the side of the pool. Everyone’s feeling good.

Q: And how would you say Aquabelle suits fit into an aquatic fitness routine? Aquabelle swimsuits are functional, fashionable and built for fitness. They fit well and look good whether you’re full figured or frail. They’re so colorful, splashy and fun that you’re excited about putting on your swim finery, so to speak. To get 20 percent off the swimwear, you can use code Katz20 at