Phoenix, Arizona (NAPSI) - For most of us, reading the news on the go is a daily habit. The new Yahoo! App for iPhone and Android brings you the best of the Web right to your phone.

With its virtually endless stream of personalized and summarized news stories, the app lets you quickly get the information that matters most to you.

Tips to get you started:

1. Read Summarized Stories With Visual Images: By default, you’ll see a visual stream of stories. To go to a classic view, tap on the “Visual” button to turn it “Off.”

2. Personalize Your Stories: Scroll to the bottom of each story and checkmark interesting topics or “x” them out. Preferences will carry over to any screen you’re logged in on.

3. Enhanced Web, Image and Video Search: Tap “Web Search” to enter your search query. At the bottom of your results, you’ll see tabs for Web, Images or Video.

4. Share News With Friends: Scroll to the bottom to share stories on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

The Yahoo! App for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android is currently available in a free app in the App Store.