Riverside, California (NAPSI) - The United States leads the world in obesity with more than a third of the population considered obese.

If you’ve long feared that you have a slim chance of getting and staying fit, you’re not alone and there is great news!

There Is An Answer

Getting to your ideal weight can be easier when you have support. That’s where an ingenious idea fromFrancecomes in.

A diet and exercise program popular with many celebrities is now available to all Americans. You don’t have to buy special foods or attend any meetings. Instead, you get a program designed just for you and your lifestyle and personal online coaching to help you stick with it.

The high-protein, low-fat, low- carbohydrate weight loss plan was created by acclaimed French medical doctor and nutritionist Dr. Pierre Dukan.

Devised for healthy eating and lifelong weight management, the Dukan Diet lets you eat all you want from a list of 100 delicious, fresh foods anytime you’re hungry. You eat until you’re full with no counting of any kind.

To help, there’s Dukan Diet Coaching, a unique, fully personalized, interactive platform. It tracks your daily progress while giving you access to an extensive support base—making dieting easier.

How It Works

First, calculate your True Weight by simply answering 11 questions that determine the weight you can reach and maintain for the rest of your life. Next, you’ll get a personalized program that tells you how many days each phase of the program will last and how much weight you will lose.

The Four Phases

• The Attack phase is short and consists of pure protein that creates a kick start to the diet.

• The Cruise phase adds vegetables every other day as you steadily reach your True Weight.

• The Consolidation phase is designed to prevent rebound weight by gradually returning previously restricted foods and allowing for two “celebration” meals per week.

• The Stabilization phase keeps weight off for the rest of your life.

Since monitoring is crucial, Dr. Dukan developed a unique interactive loop to keep in touch with you.

Every morning, you get a food menu and exercises for the day as well as personal advice and support from Dr. Dukan to keep you motivated.

Every evening, you report back about your day, your physical activity, weight and measurements, motivations, frustrations, food lapses and any foods you miss.

The next day, the information and instructions you get reflect your report from the night before.

Dr. Dukan’s Team hosts daily live chat sessions.

In addition, you can share success stories, helpful tips and suggestions with other dieters in the member Forum.

Coaching Is Key

While diet and exercise are key elements of any weight management program, what separates the Dukan approach from others is coaching.

The Diet Coaching aspect of the program is a unique, fully personalized, interactive platform. It allows you to track your daily progress while giving you access to an extensive support base designed to make your dieting easier.

The Customer Support Team is also a key element of the coaching process, providing program participants with daily feedback. With Dukan Diet Coaching you get personal attention from Dr. Dukan’s Team, and you weigh yourself in the privacy of your home.

Learn More

You can learn more, get your True Weight calculated and sign up for the coaching program online at www.dukandiet.com or by calling (855) 385-2648.