Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - When it comes to helping elderly relatives adjust to changes in their lives, even the most devoted adult child may not see all the signals or know what to do especially if he or she is far away but help can be available.

What To Do

To the extent possible, talk with your elderly parents gently and honestly about their wishes, their abilities and their options. These conversations are helpful and put the adult child in a better position to make decisions later when the parent may not be able to do so.

What Help Is Available

Fortunately, recent technological advances can make aging easier: Velcro fasteners, lightweight wheelchairs, devices to control appliances and dial telephone numbers. There are walk-in bathtubs for people who have difficulty climbing into an ordinary tub.

Also helpful can be an entirely private, ad-free website in which to manage private information associated with your elderly parent, from Social Security numbers to lists of online accounts and passwords or medications. It’s a safe place to store and manage those binders full of information most people keep.

Social networks can be a place to confer, organize and connect about private family issues—the key, though, is privacy. On this one, the information is shareable with anyone you designate as a trusted participant, even relatives across the globe. That means everyone concerned about someone’s care can have the latest information.

What You Get

There’s a journal for keeping tabs on recent activities, a place to trace medications, a to-do list, key contacts, a notepad for tracking key accounts and a place to upload important files and documents. This can be done securely and privately and without the worry of this information being shared beyond your control. Called CareZone, it can mean you don’t have to worry about privacy, where the information is kept and stored, or how it’s used.

The information can be available on any device you use to access the Internet—smartphones, tablets, Macs or PCs. The service is free through 2012 and will cost $5 per month in 2013.

Where To Learn More

You can find further facts about CareZone, Inc. online at www.CareZone.com or call (888) 407-7785.