Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - Looks can be deceiving-especially in the cold sore category. According to a survey commissioned by GSK Consumer Healthcare, 66 percent of Americans believe that when “look-alike treatments” have the same or similar packaging as the name-brand treatment, it’s likely they also have the same ingredients.

Although some cold sore medications may look alike, they do not necessarily contain the same ingredients.

“Even though two cold sore treatments have packaging and claims that look similar to Abreva, the ingredients are a different story,” said pharmacist and Abreva spokesperson Pam Marquess, Pharm.D. “Comparing ingredients is critical to selecting a proper cold sore treatment.”

The Wakefield Research survey conducted for Abreva, the leading cold sore treatment, also found that 93 percent of Americans have purchased the “look-alike treatments” in the past because they are less expensive. When it comes to treating your cold sore, skipping an effective treatment for a less expensive one that doesn’t contain a healing ingredient is not the best way to remedy your ailment. Go to Abreva vs. the Others on to compare.

Tips to help you make informed decisions about cold sore treatments:

• Compare active ingredients.

• Check the labels for uses.

• Ask your pharmacist.