El Paso, Texas (NAPSI) - Can’t breathe? Headaches or stuffy nose? Cold? Flu?

Chances are, it’s allergies. In fact, a growing number of people 50 million in theUnited Statessuffer from allergies, which doctors agree can be debilitating.

According to Dr. Scott Cordray, a board-certified otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon and founder of LAVI Dead Sea Sinus Solutions, allergies are more than an annoyance. “They can make people feel sick and keep them from going to work or school,” he said. “Allergies can take a dramatic toll and lead to even worse diseases.”

Often confused with cough, cold or flu, allergies are the fifth-leading chronic disease in theU.S.and account for nearly $8 billion in health care spending.

Taking Control

The good news is there’s hope. “There are things you can do to take control,” said Cordray. “Minimize exposure—wear a mask, for example, to protect yourself from pollen and dust. Practice good nasal hygiene by regularly using nasal moisturizers or sinus wash. And finally, treat the symptoms.”

Doctors frequently prescribe nasal steroids or other medicated solutions that offer temporary relief, but these come with unwanted, potentially dangerous side effects. Natural solutions—most made with sodium chloride (table or sea salt)--may provide some relief, but don’t reduce swelling or congestion like medicated alternatives.

A Scientifically Proven,

All-Natural Alternative

Now, two internationally recognized medical journals cite a natural, powerful alternative usingDead Seasalts, which—unlike other salts that are nearly 100 percent sodium—are rich in magnesium and potassium, bringing highly effective relief to those who suffer.

According to clinical studies published in the International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology and The Laryngoscope,Dead Seasalts are superior to other salts in preventing and treating allergy and other chronic sinus symptoms and as effective as topical nasal steroids in reducing swelling and congestion.

PurifiedDead Seasalts offer the benefits of medicated solutions without the potential side effects. That makes it helpful for anyone—especially those for whom prescription or medicated products may not be an option, including cancer patients, older Americans or those undergoing postoperative care.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Dead Seasalts have a long history of effectively treating skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. This same anti-inflammatory effect is now proving beneficial in treating allergy symptoms and related illnesses.

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To find information about Dead Seasalts and managing allergies naturally, visit www.NowYouNose.com. For information about LAVI, visit www.LAVImed.com.