Tempe, Arizona (NAPSI) - Doctors just received good news for the more than 31 million Americans who suffer from sinusitis.

The Problem

Often referred to as a sinus infection, sinusitis can be debilitating, causing extreme facial pain and pressure, congestion (continuous runny nose), dental pain, headache, sore throat and fatigue. It is more prevalent than both heart disease and asthma, with a greater impact on patients’ quality of life than chronic back pain or congestive heart failure. In fact, sinus conditions cost the United States health care system more than $8 billion annually.

An Answer

Most patients see their isolated cases of sinusitis resolved with antibiotics, nasal steroids and/or antihistamines. However, many experience sinusitis regularly over time, and while medication may resolve the symptoms each time, they continue to return. The continuous use of these medications to treat recurrent disease can create drug resistance or other health issues for patients.

Advanced cases of sinusitis may be treated with functional endoscopic sinus surgery, or FESS, which takes place in the operating room and involves general anesthesia.

Now, a new, FDA-cleared, minimally invasive procedure performed in the doctor’s office quickly and comfortably opens the sinus passage, restoring ventilation and natural sinus drainage.

How It Works

The Vent-Os procedure is based on the principle of osmosis, which draws fluids across a membrane. A small osmotic capsule—the size of a grain of rice—is gently inserted into the obstructed sinus opening, where it absorbs the natural fluids in the sinus to slowly expand over an hour. After it has opened the sinus passage, it’s easily withdrawn and the patient can leave immediately. Because the procedure is designed to be comfortable for patients, only a topical or local anesthetic is needed.

Doctor’s Advice

“Opening up the sinus passage is an important factor in reducing or eliminating the often debilitating symptoms of sinusitis,” said Peter J. Catalano, M.D., FACS, Chief of Otolaryngology, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Boston, Mass., and a clinical investigator for the study. “The Vent-Os procedure could be an ideal option for sinusitis sufferers whose symptoms are not severe enough to warrant surgery but who suffer the poor quality of life and health risks associated with repetitive or failed use of antibiotics and steroids.”

Learn More

For further facts, see www.sinustreatmentinfo.com.