Tempe, Arizona (NAPSI) - With many people juggling the demands of work, family and other commitments, it may seem impossible to add something else like physical activity to the mix. You are not alone. With some planning and adjustable tips, you and your family can build physical activity into your routine.

To help, here are some tips from the Weight-control Information Network (WIN), a national information service of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health:

Get Started

• Try a new activity each day, like brisk walking or dancing, to find out what you enjoy. Stick with what you like best.

• If you must spend a lot of time sitting down each day, try to take breaks to stand up and move around every 30 minutes.

Craft a Plan That Fits Your Day and Your Budget

• If you have a hard time fitting in exercise, do 10 minutes at a time. Spread these bursts of activity throughout the day.

• If cost is an issue, try activities that are cheap or free, such as walking. Also, find out if your local recreation or community center offers reduced rates or pay-as-you-go options.

Keep Up the Good Work

• Make it social. Involve your family and friends in physical activity to have fun, spend quality time together and stay on track.

• Once you start meeting your goals, reward yourself! Take a relaxing hot bath or shower, try a new healthy recipe with friends, work out to new music, or join an affordable sports team, recreation center or exercise class.

Learn more from WIN’s “Tips to Help You Get Active.” The brochure presents the federal government’s physical activity guidelines, offers more ideas to help you get active, and includes places for you to write down goals and ways to stay on track.

To find out more, visit www.win.niddk.nih.gov or call 1-877-946-4627, or follow WIN on Facebook at www.facebook.com/win.niddk.nih.gov.