Dallas, Texas (NAPSI) - Critics are now hailing a new book offering a fascinating look at what many consider the greatest health challenge the world faces today: obesity.

The Problem

More than a billion people are overweight and that number is expected to increase substantially over the next decade. According to the experts at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ways to avoid being part of such statistics include:

• Eat more fruits and vegetables and fewer foods high in fat and sugar.

• Drink water instead of sugary drinks.

• Limit TV watching in kids to less than two hours a day.

• Try going for a 10-minute brisk walk, three times a day, five days a week.

A Place To Seek Answers

It can also help to read the book, entitled “The Obesity Reality.” It leads readers through the ins and outs of the secrets to defeating fat. It considers obesity from a variety of standpoints that include medical, personal, financial and related considerations.

“The aim is to encourage healthy living and fix the obesity dilemma throughout our planet through this comprehensive, remedial guidebook,” says Naheed Ali, M.D., Ph.D., author of the book. “The information is presented in a zero-nonsense, uniquely organized way,” he adds.

In the book, he tackles contemporary obesity problems and shows how an obese person can conquer the roadblock of obesity in more ways than one. Dr. Ali discusses the realities of obesity and its repercussions, which include poor health, high medical costs, restrictions on lifestyle and activities, and more. He shows how to address obesity, on a personal and on a societal level. He also tells how to reverse its effects through proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices and explains the medical basis of weight loss.

Expert Opinion

As Publishers Weekly puts it, the book sifts through just about everything there is to know about obesity, including its major causes, its effect on health, and how an individual can face it the right way.

Learn More

You can visit www.Obesity123.com to find out more and get gripping facts on the growing issue of obesity.