Riverside, California (NAPSI) - There’s actually some good news for those in need of a colonoscopy. New technology is offering patients more comfort when undergoing the test.

It also potentially enables medical professionals to complete the exam in less time than when performed with existing equipment.

Currently, there are over 12 million colonoscopies performed each year in the U.S. The demand is driven by the fact that colon cancer is the second-largest form of cancer and that early detection through screening offers a better chance of beating the disease.

One of the biggest challenges with colonoscopies is “looping,” where the colonoscope overlaps and causes patient discomfort and slows down the procedure.

New Technology

ScopeGuide from Olympus is a new technology that assists physicians during a colonoscopy. It is designed to identify and mitigate loops, which can increase patient comfort and reduce procedure time.

The new technology shows an accurate 3-D reconstruction of the position and configuration of the endoscope position within the colon that is refreshed multiple times per second for real-time viewing.

Physicians can now view the image provided by the device alongside the endoscopic image when they use it in conjunction with a monitor with picture-in-picture functionality. As a result, they only have to view a single monitor.

Less Time And More Comfort

There is evidence that professionals in the field have a positive response to the technology. For example, when asked about his experience using the device, Steven Lichtenstein, D.O., Director of the Division of Gastroenterology, Medical Director, Endoscopy/GI Lab at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, said that using it had decreased the time required for a colonoscopy and that he now uses it for every colonoscopy he performs.

Lichtenstein said, “The efficiencies created by ScopeGuide include improved patient comfort and a more precise anatomical location for where your scope is at any point during the procedure.”

ScopeGuide is an integral part of Evis Exera III, the Olympus endoscopy platform. For additional information, call 800-848-9024 or visit the website at www.olympusamerica.com/scopeguide.