Tucson, Arizona (NAPSI) - A new guide can help millions of Americans who have diabetes, celiac disease or both.

Celiac disease, an inherited autoimmune disorder, makes people incapable of digesting gluten, so the common treatment for this condition is a totally gluten-free diet. The strong link between celiac disease and diabetes can mean a double challenge of finding foods to fit the dietary restrictions of both conditions. It doesn’t need to mean giving up dishes you love, however.

To help, chef Nancy Hughes and registered dietitian and diabetes educator Lara Rondinelli-Hamilton created “Gluten-Free Recipes for People with Diabetes” for the American Diabetes Association, a collection of 75 gluten-free recipes for people with diabetes. It has a meal-planning guide, advice on shopping, cooking tips, grocery lists, menus, and lists of safe and not-so-safe ingredients. Recipes provide exchanges and nutritional information to help manage glucose levels. There’s also an extensive list of resources, including organizations, books, websites and magazines.

It’s at www.ShopDiabetes.org/gf, bookstores and (800) 232-6733.