Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - You may not be getting enough sleep, the National Sleep Foundation recommends at least seven to nine hours a night for adults but you can do something about it. It may come as a surprise, but 60 percent of Americans experience sleep problems every night.

Busy people still have to juggle the stresses of everyday life, even after a restless night’s sleep. The good news is that there are natural ways to relieve stress and ensure more restful sleep.

First, boost your chances of having a good night by setting a sleep schedule and sticking to it. It’s also important to minimize the things that can keep you awake, so avoid using electronics right before bed and drown out distracting sounds with a fan or sound machine.

Another good idea: According to the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, regular exercise can increase your sleep time up to 1.25 hours a night.

When it comes to relieving sleeplessness, prevention is key. If you are experiencing acute stress, take a bath before bed. Soaking in the water will raise your body temperature, but afterward, your temperature will drop, which naturally causes the body to feel sleepy.

Also, to reduce stress, practice taking deep breaths and writing down what’s on your mind. Encourage your significant other to take the same healthy measures.

Many reach for traditional medicines to treat sleeplessness and stress-60 million prescriptions for sleeping aids are filled a year, according to IMS Health. At least 38 percent of adults, however, do use complementary and alternative medicine to treat common illnesses.

Unlike most traditional medicines, homeopathic products are formulated to stimulate the body’s defense mechanisms, rather than suppressing them.

For example, Hyland’s Calms Forté has a soothing formula made to ease tension and promote sleep naturally.* The natural ingredients are used to relieve simple nervous tension and sleeplessness without sedatives or risk of dependency. Hyland’s products are available in natural food stores, groceries, supercenters and pharmacies such as Walgreens.

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