Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - Consumers continue to show that they have a healthy appetite for nutritional supplements. According to a recent study sponsored by Wells Fargo Securities, LLC Equity Research Department, more than 76 percent of Americans regularly take a vitamin or supplement.

For some, it’s a way to complement inadequate diets, while others see it as a way to enhance their healthful lifestyle.

Given the popularity of supplements, the Natural Products Association says consumers may be pleased to learn supplements are often the first step that people take toward greater nutritional awareness and the adoption of other healthy choices.

While a good diet is the foundation for better health, research shows that most adults and children don’t eat the way they should. People can and do live healthier lives by supplementing their diets.

Many people may not know the National Institutes of Health maintains an Office of Dietary Supplements dedicated to conducting and coordinating scientific research on supplements within NIH. These scientific studies help serve to substantiate the fact that dietary supplements support health and wellness. Supplements also have an enviable safety record compared to other commonly consumed products.

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