Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - If you’ve ever thought about remodeling your home, you’re far from alone. As sales of existing homes remain sluggish, homeowners nationwide are opting to remodel their houses instead of moving.

The JointCenter for Housing Studies atHarvardUniversity expects remodeling expenditures to reach more than $113 billion in 2012, compared with $110 billion last year.

Instead of focusing only on cosmetic face-lifts, many homeowners are choosing projects that also boost energy efficiency and increase comfort. One easy and cost-effective project that produces impressive results is installing a superefficient cooling and heating system, especially in those rooms that seem too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Fortunately, there’s one type of system that requires no ductwork, so installation is fast and doesn’t require any messy renovation.

This system can also provide an excellent whole-house solution in older homes where ductwork is not practical to install, or as a supplemental option if the home has existing central air conditioning. The equipment itself is small and compact and doesn’t require reconstruction of ceilings and walls to add ductwork. In most cases, a simple three-inch opening in the wall or ceiling is all that’s needed.

The first manufacturer to bring this type of cooling and heating without ductwork to theU.S.is Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating (Mitsubishi Electric). In addition to offering increased comfort and easy installation, its products:

• Are up to 35 percent more efficient than a window air-conditioning unit and up to 40 percent more energy efficient than central air conditioning.

• Provide a permanent solution that doesn’t take up window space and block views.

• Are whisper quiet—no annoying clanking or humming.

• Come in a wide range of system sizes for large or small applications (one or more rooms or the whole house) and in multiple styles: wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling-recessed (ducted) and ceiling-concealed (ducted) indoors. The outdoor units have an extremely small footprint and fit neatly into tight spaces.

• Offer separate temperature/fan speed controls for each room.

• Feature control options such as automatic switchover from cooling to heating.

• Provide low-maintenance operation.

Some of the indoor units even have an i-see Sensor™, which scans the room for hot and cold spots and automatically makes adjustments to achieve the desired comfort level faster.

To find the system best suited for your home and calculate potential energy savings, the Mitsubishi Electric website features a convenient Solution Advisor. To learn more about Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating products, visit www.mitsubishicomfort.com.