Colorado Springs, Colorado (NAPSI) - A growing number of consumers are learning that “going green”-taking steps to conserve energy and resources can be very rewarding. Not only are they saving money, but they are also helping to cut back on waste in their home and in their community.

They’re also finding that getting started is easier than they expected. To help you “go green,” here are some tips:

• The next time you boil water, use any that’s left over to water your plants—just make sure to let the water cool down first.

• In lieu of sending old rugs to the landfill, check with local animal shelters to see if they can use them. Old towels, blankets and sheets are also welcome as they make great items for pet bedding.

• Instead of keeping leftover wall paint in old, rusty cans, use a funnel to transfer paint into a clean plastic bottle.

• Help your food dollar to go further by dropping fruits and veggies into lightly salted water to prevent them from turning brown.

• Using high-efficiency appliances in your home, such as the Energy Star Qualified Front Load Washer and the Electric Dryer with Efficiency Monitor from Amana, can help you save some green while going green.

This high-efficiency Amana laundry pair has simple and eco-efficient features, helping you save $3,300 in lifetime water and energy costs. This comes from comparing the average use of pre-2004 traditional top-load pairs with 11-year washer life and 12-year dryer life. The combined savings apply only to the electricity costs.

• According to Real Simple, about 90 percent of the energy used for washing clothes is used to heat the water. Unless you’re washing clothes that have oily stains, the warm or cold setting on your machine will generally do a good job of cleaning your clothes. says you can save up to 25 cents for every laundry load you wash in cold water compared to using hot water.

• According to, by using two six-month, 200-gallon water filters a year, a refrigerator system can filter the equivalent of 3,000 bottles of water, saving over $600 a year, based on buying the water in 24-pack units of 16-oz. bottles.

• An act as simple as putting green plants in your home/office can really pay dividends. Plants can make a space look cheery and improve air quality.

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